David Dean – Wedding Photographer Essex Review

Looking forward to hiring services from a professional wedding photographer Essex? David Dean is one such reliable name that you could place your trust upon and be assured of the rest. With reliable wedding photography services in the past, David Dean Photography has garnered the reputation to be a leading wedding photography service provider in & around Essex. The Founder David Dean is a renowned wedding photographer who has managed to build a team of highly qualified and experienced wedding photographers in Essex.

David Dean is well-known in Essex for delivering some classic, bespoke wedding moments in the form of photographers that are timeless beauties in print. Whether you are looking forward to capturing some of the best moments at your wedding or any other special occasion, David Dean Wedding Photographer Essex has got it covered for you. Right from delivering exceptional photography skills in wedding photography Essex to family portrait photography Essex, kids photo shoots, maternity photography sessions, and so more –David Dean is a reliable company in Essex for ensuring ultimate results.

Aiming Perfection in Every Shot

David Dean is a professional photographer offering expertise in the fields of wedding and family photo shoots. With the aim to deliver bespoke photographs to the clients on all occasions, David Dean has devised a team of professional photographs working their sweats towards delivering the best shots at all times. The results of the dedicated efforts made by the team at David Dean are reflected in the clients’ testimonials and reviews. If you visit the official portal of David Dean, you will come across several reviews and testimonials of the clients that speak well of the dedication and skills of the photography team at David Dean.

The professional team of photographers at David Dean is adept at the in-depth knowledge and several years of expertise in the fields of the wedding, family, and kids’ photography. Moreover, all the team members are highly qualified and well-experienced in the photography industry towards delivering the best results –as per the unique requirements of the clients. David Dean aims for ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of the clients by offering them customized photographs –as per their requirements and preferences.

Professional Photography Services in All Realms

If you are looking for hiring professional photographers in diverse fields, David Dean Wedding Photographer Essex is the ideal choice for you. Delivering its excellence of photography services in a wide variety of realms including wedding and family photo shoots, David Dean is the epitome of excellence and perfection at highly competitive rates.

If you wish to know more about David Dean, you can browse through the impressive gallery or portfolio of the official website. Here, you can come across some bespoke instances of professional photography –at its best. You can also check out the different prices and packages of professional photography –as per your specific requirements. If you wish to hire professional photographers from David Dean, reach out to him now!

The History of Photography

Photography is a technique of creating images by recording light on a photosensitive surface. Its creation was due to numerous experiments of physicists and chemists until 1826, when a French named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first photograph in history. As time went by, the photography changed and evolved, but its essence is still the same, proving that, even though it got drastically updated, the photography still maintains its original purpose of creating recordations.

The predecessor of photography and the first ever technique of creating images was a technique called Camera Obscura, that first emerged in 1558, as a tool that, among other purposes, was used to help painters, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, to sketch and study. It was basically a box with a very small hole and a photosensitive surface placed parallel to it. The light would hit the object in question, which then would reflect rays from different points through the hole and to the photosensitive surface, which would, lastly, recreate an upside-down image of the object. Later, in the XVII century, the Camera Obscura received a lense instead of a hole, and, then, developed into the photographic camera.

Although being officially developed only during the XIX century, there are reports of the Camera Obscure being used before in multiple occasions, such as in the XI century by an Arabian named Ibn al-Haithem who used it to observe a solar eclipse, there are also reports of it being used also by the Greek philosopher Aristoteles who also used it to study Astronomy. However, only in 1550, an Italian physicist called Girolamo Cardano solved the problem of darkness in the images. He noticed that the smaller the hole was, the best was the quality, but, on the other hand, the image would be considerably darker. Therefore, he replaced the small hole with a biconvex lens, thus solving the problem.

The first coloured film was presented to the public in 1907, after a slow and careful process of creation, although being able to increase the popularity of photography, it lacked the number of details and quality that a black and white picture had – it still does even up until this day. However, it did not stop the amount of attention and popularity that the art of photography received after receiving the ability to create colourful images. In 1861, even before the coloured photography was known by the public, a Scottish physicist called James Clerk Maxwell was able to develop the first ever coloured photo by observing how the human eyes capture the colour and then repeating the process using three separate filters to create the RGB.

The introduction of digital technology has been changing the way photographing is seen and dealt with, pieces of equipment are seemingly cheaper, the quality is better, the camera itself is easier to use. Also, the addition of a camera to smartphones contributed to a growing popularity of the art of photographing, which is a new hobby amongst all ages. Furthermore, the technology and the internet made it easier to store, reproduce and share the photos, allowing the user to take as many photographs they desire.

The art of photography is something that is in constant evolution, whether it is to bring more comfort to the users or to improve the quality of the pictures, it is true that the study about photography never ceases. It first began way back in history, as a tool to help professionals, but now it is either a hobby or a profession. Therefore, it proved itself to be an important technique when it comes to creating a memory album or even to be an auxiliary in studies.

See how much photograhy has evolved – we now even have food photographers such as Adrian Harrison Photography.










Customising Your Prom Dress – A Good Idea?

Have you ever seen a prom dress which is just not quite right? It’s a prevalent thought for a young lady to look for a prom dress, see one and think ‘but only if it had this…’. Obviously, you want a prom dress to be everything you dreamed it would be. Therefore, some people do consider customising their prom dress to make it better suit their needs, and so we’re going to look at how good an idea that is.

Customising A Dress?

People are often sceptical of the idea of customising a prom dress. And to be honest, why wouldn’t they be? You’ve just spent a lot of money on this dress. It’s still in the bag, it’s brand new, and it looks incredible. Why then would you possibly damage or ruin it by trying to make customisations? However, when done properly, the art of customising a dress is something which can easily make a good dress into a great one.

Perhaps you want to flare out your dress at the bottom and make it a more old-fashioned look. You might want to open up the back, remove scraps of lace and bow, or do anything that’ll change your dress. Obviously, you shouldn’t try it at home unless you are sure that it’ll work and you know what you’re doing. Or you have a very experienced relative who can help you. Some people take the dress to professionals, who customise it for a small fee in time for the big night.

Why Customise A Prom Dress?

Of course, there are a lot of benefits to customising a prom dress. For one, it helps you to find something which is unique to you. That’s the main advantage of having a customised prom dress. There’s not going to be anyone who has the same vision for your prom dress at that party. You’ll be unique among people if your dress has had some obvious alterations. And that is, to be completely honest, entirely what prom should be about. You should feel like you’re beautiful and confident, and that you’ve got exactly the kind of dress that you want. Customisation turns your dress into a one of a kind outfit, which is something that no one else will have. How better to feel like the belle of the ball than to wear something unique?

Overall, customising a prom dress is one way in which you can be unique and have fun. A professional can customise it for you with ease, or a relative can give you a hand in time for the actual prom night. In any case, it is important that you take the time to make sure that you have a prom dress which is best for you. For a wide range of prom dresses, consider Dynasty London. One which is customised to suit you is one which will make all the difference when it comes to going to prom, as you’ll feel like the belle of the ball and ready to impress everyone.

Wedding Car Hire – What You Need To Consider

When it comes to hiring out a car of marriage, there are few things which are as plush and luxurious as the vehicle which will drive you to the happiest day of your life. There’s a broad range of benefits to hiring out a wedding car, and it’s a recommended option. However, there are also one or two things that you should consider. We’re going to be taking a look at what you should know about hiring a wedding car in advance.

You’ll need to book it a long time in advance

If there’s one thing wedding cars in Fife are, it’s popular. Almost everyone who gets married has a car of marriage simply because it is such an integral part of the whole experience. This means that there’s going to be more weddings than there are wedding cars, and some people will find that the model they’re after just isn’t available. You need to make sure that you book well in advance. Otherwise, you could be two weeks from your wedding and in a panic because you just don’t have the vehicle for getting the important guests and attendees to and from the venue. It is advised that you book a good month, maybe even two months before the event at least to make sure you can have the wedding car you want.

The driver is a valuable part of the wedding car

It is not uncommon for some people to try and avoid hiring out a car of marriage driver for the sake of saving money. However, this is not a wise course of action. While it may seem like a more cost-effective situation to just use a friend who is experienced on the roads, it is also not a recommended course of action. A professional driver will know the car in great detail, and they will also know the roads, the best routes, and they are more likely to deliver the most efficient experience possible. As well as this, it is much easier for a rental company to provide you with a replacement driver if your assigned chauffeur cannot make the day due to illness, whereas finding a friend at the very last minute is often much more challenging.

You should make sure there are enough seats for the guests

Something that you should consider is whether or not you’re going to need more than one wedding car for your party. If you want everyone to arrive at the same time, then the vehicle you want may not always be the most sensible choice. Or you need to get another vehicle which is bigger to transport your family members, while you go in the car you wanted. It’s all about the prior planning because it’s an important choice for your wedding day.

Overall, these are just a few of the things that you should consider when it comes to your wedding car hire. The wedding car is an important part of your day, and every effort should be made to ensure you have the vehicle you want, and that you also have a perfect setup, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Lye free soap fom Sabai Soaps

Handmade All Natural Soaps

On my travels I came across quite a few soap makers, if that is what you call them, who used natural local ingredients to make their soaps and then the majority used them for personal use and a small amount were sold locally. Once I returned from my travels I thought I’d give it and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Soap making is a passion of mine and today I will share with you how I make it. If I have a day with nothing planned and I am on my own, then I’ll simply make soap all day long.

Soap History

Many years ago in the 1990’s I came across a book titled “Soap Making for Dummies” and thought that I’d give it a go. I listed all the ingredients that were required and planned out my first soap making trail. My first batch of soap turned out to be a success, and so did the next one, but that was swiftly followed by a fail. What went wrong I hear you ask?

Soap Making Basics

The making of soap can be simple or it can be complex depending on the steps and processes that you follow. One thing to note though, is that the beauty of making your own soap is that you can make it with only the ingredients that you want in it and the fragrances that you like. Adjustment and tweaks down the line and you’ll perfect a soap tailored to your likes. Almost all soap recipes that you can find will use ounces or grams and as such you should definitely weight your ingredients to produce accurate results.

Importance of Lye

If there is one thing that you take away from this post, I’d want it to be that you know not to substitute lye with any other version, such as liquid lye or drain cleaners! You need to use 100% sodium hydroxide or lye in crystal form. Like in all my products that I have started producing commercially they all contain lye and I would like if you want to take a closer look at my handmade soap UK company called Sabai Soaps. Using a variation of lye can cause inaccurate measurements or even have bits of metal in them! Both of which you’d want to avoid.

Remember that lye is caustic. This means that it can make holes in fabric and burn your skin. Be extremely careful when handling lye. Always always always use gloves and wear eye protection. When you mix lye with water, there is a chemical reaction that takes place and the mixture will heat up and fume for around a minute. Always add lye to water and not the other way around. Also, stir the mixture straight away – avoid it clumping together as this could heat up at once, causing an explosion.

Even though lye is caustic and can be dangerous to work with, after a reaction takes place with the oils in the soap through a process called saponification. The resultant product will not contain lye, after the reaction has taken place.